Red Label

Oversized parcel delicery

As a large and successful business with much demand, Red Label sought experienced logistics professionals to manage their shipment needs in a fast and efficient way. So they came to us.

What they needed

Red Label is renowned for selling perfume and beauty products at discounted value. Being a large business, they needed a no-fuss logistics solution to take care of all their fulfilment needs.

What we did

ITD Global swooped in as one singular point of contact for all their shipping needs. Red Label wanted to be able to use a multitude of first-rate carriers under one umbrella. And that’s exactly what we gave them.

With our expansive network of carriers, were able to match Red Label with the best multi-carrier solution for their business, successfully resulting in consistently streamlining 3000 weekly shipments for them.

‘I am very happy with the service that ITD provide such as direct collections, multi-carrier solutions and much more. They have streamlined and made things a lot easier for us as a business and provide very competitive rates.’