Saime Trading

Saime Trading

The Problem:

Before partnering with ITD Global, SAIME TRADING faced significant challenges in their shipping process. The primary issues included large shipping charges and the inconvenience of personally dropping off shipments at parcel shops, resulting in time-consuming and inefficient operations.

How we helped

ITD Global stepped in to provide a comprehensive solution to Saime Trading’s shipping woes. The key components of our solution included:

  • User-Friendly Shipment Booking Portal: Our user-friendly online portal was implemented, streamlining the shipment booking process. ITD’s portal is an unlimited rule-based platform that seamlessly integrates with customers’ shopping carts and modern marketplaces.
  • Daily Collection Service: To alleviate the burden of daily drop-offs, ITD Global implemented a tailored collection service. This service is not just about picking up parcels; it’s a strategic shift designed to free Saime Trading from the logistical hassles of physical drop-offs, thereby streamlining their operations and saving valuable time.
  • Competitive Shipping Rates: ITD Global’s large buying power and access to multiple carriers enabled us to offer highly competitive shipping rates, ensuring that Saime Trading could reduce costs compared to their previous solutions.
  • Access to Customer Service:  Saime Trading gained access to ITD Globals’ in-house dedicated customer service representatives, providing assistance and resolving any issues promptly.
  • Account Management: ITD has robust account management services to ensure that Saime Trading’s shipping needs are efficiently met and optimised.

The Result:

Implementing ITD Global’s parcel delivery solutions resulted in significant time and cost savings for Saime Trading. The streamlined shipping process allowed them to focus on their core business activities without the burden of cumbersome logistical challenges.

What the customer said:

Hassan from Saime Trading expressed the reasons for switching to ITD Global, citing multiple benefits:

“Though I use Evri, it’s not an Evri collection – I don’t believe I have a proper account for them. I use the shop drop-off service; I have to drop off the parcels every day myself. Reasons for switching to ITD Global are many, such as time savings as ITD will do collection service. Better rates are offered compared to what I was paying.  Furthermore, the feedback I’ve had about the services and working with ITD from other suppliers is also another reason.”

Hassan from Saime Trading also added: “I’d like to add that ITD has surpassed my expectations in a very short period of time. Key reasons being the communication from the account management and IT team. They are always on hand, more than happy to help and make this very apparent from the way they communicate and how quickly they resolve any queries and a follow up call or email to ensure that everything is as expected. I had heard great things about ITD Global from others in the market using them, now I vouch for the same.” 

ITD Global successfully addressed Saime Trading’s shipping challenges, providing a comprehensive solution that not only saved time and money but also enhanced overall operational efficiency. The positive feedback from the customer underscores the success of the collaboration and the value added by ITD Global’s shipping services.