Lifetime Brands Ltd (Kitchencraft)

Who they are

There are two aspects to Lifetime Brands Ltd.’s business. They have the B2B wholesale division and recently kick-started their e-commerce business.

After an unfortunate cyber incident with Fed Ex/TNT, Lifetime Brands Ltd missed out on several days’ worth of parcel collections. That’s where we came in. We acted fast and came in quickly to start collecting from them to get their customers B2B.

After this, Lifetime Brands Ltd looked to ITD for help with their new e-commerce business. We put this Evri and although the volumes were low to begin with, we also offered and set them up on Zig Zag returns portal. This enabled everything to run smoothly and for returns to run.

Having a very strong working relationship has helped us to retain and grow the business with this client.

Fed Ex were unable to collect for several days, and we started to collect via a trailer.

We reacted quickly and were able to commence collections on our local fleet whilst we waited for the trailer collection to be set up – we also set them up with return services via Zig Zag.

They know they can rely on us, and we are nimble enough to react when they need us.