Cummins is an innovative global power technology leader with complementary business units that design, engineer, manufacture and distribute service engines and related technologies.

With over 7,000 locations and more than 60,000 people worldwide across 190 countries and territories, Cummins has sales of over $23.5 billion.


The Problem

Like many other businesses, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Cummins unfortunately also experienced major supply chain issues across its European warehouses. They also experienced issues due to The Ever Given blocking the Suez Canal in 2021.

With no solutions at hand, ITD were able to step in quickly and support its UK & European facilities.


How We Helped

We stepped in and supported Cummins both on service and communication levels with all their European facilities, in transitioning, arranging & managing containers from Mainland China into the UK & Europe via Rail Freight.

By offering a combination of block trains and daily departures from across 13 terminals in China, we were able to ensure that Cummins’ plants did not run into ‘Line Stop’.

We prepared and distributed across all of Cummins’ plants with daily reports of all live movements. We arranged daily Zoom meetings with each plant, allowing us to work closely with individual sites to ensure the continued smooth transit from start to finish.


“ITD Global transported automotive material from China to Europe by rail during this difficult period in global transportation; they have always ensured continuity of capacity and service.

The team always provide accurate and timely transit and invoicing, and have provided excellent service during 2021.”


Regatta is one of the best known outdoor & fashion brands in the UK. They make great, affordable products, so outdoor enthusiasts can continue to enjoy exploring without the worry of costs. They started as a company of 12, and now there are millions in the team.


The Problem

During the Covid-19 pandemic, like most businesses, Regatta faced major supply chain issues and increasing challenges around global shipping. This was also in part due to The Ever Given vessel.

The Ever Given was travelling through the Suez Canal and unfortunately, caught in a sandstorm. The winds caused the ship to become wedged across the canal path, blocking it for hundreds of other ships and disrupting worldwide trade.


How We Helped

ITD were quick to respond with both solutions and services, coupled with competitive pricing. We offered a variety of services across Regatta’s supply chain including charter vessels from Mainland China into the UK, Rail Freight originating from 13 terminals across China, and Air Freight for more urgent POs from across the Far East Asia.

We also provided sea-air services from Myanmar into both Regatta’s UK and Polish DCs.

Throughout these challenges, we worked closely with the Regatta Operations teams to ensure their supply chain continued. Communication was a key driver for Regatta, not only on a personal level between businesses, but also with visibility through our live Freight Management Software.

We acted as one point of regular and transparent contact for Regatta, successfully meeting all of their shipment fulfilment needs.

“We have been working with ITD Global who we have found to be a professional and well-connected organisation. The service operation is excellent and we are kept well informed throughout the process.

We have been able to keep our challenging supply chain moving throughout peak season and the Covid pandemic using innovative and nimble solutions suggested to us by ITD, which has enabled us to keep our customers and internal teams happy. We would highly recommend ITD Global to others who require a partner who cares and offers solutions to real-time obstacles.”