ITD Global introduces Amazon shipping

amazon shipping service

ITD Global is adding to their extensive portfolio of delivery partners, introducing Amazon shipping as an additional delivery option for domestic parcel customers.

Amazing shipping offers many great features including:

  • Simple pricing – an agreed rate and NO surcharges on any invoice (under 23kg)
  • Premium service provider in the high-volume market
  • A delivery Partner committed to service and technological excellence
  • A cutting-edge approach to their business
  • 7 days per week collection and delivery service
  • Provision of scuttles (cardboard collars) to sit over pallets for ease of loading goods into receptacles, and then onto collection vehicles.

Amazon shipping is ideal for the customer who prioritises a simple pricing structure, with the lack of surcharges making it all transparent.

This introduction is part of ITD’s commitment to constantly improving their service and range of options for their customers.